Thursday, August 12, 2010

Benny got married!

Ben & Morgan finally tied the knot last weekend! It was a beautiful ceremony & an extra fun weekend. We are so lucky to add such an awesome lady to our family. Thanks for taking Ben off our hands, Morgan. Err, I mean, thanks for taking care of Benny, Morgan! Here are some pics I stole from Claiborne. We love y'all!!
All of Us
All of Us

Lookin' Good, Actin' Bad

Friday, July 23, 2010

Da Beach

(Bringing joy and entertainment to your lives two times in one week!? What are the chances?)

We were invited to the beach last week with my Aunt Sue, Uncle Kel, Uncle Stan, and Cousin Josh. It was Helen's first real beach trip, and I was a little nervous about how she would be. You see, the only other time she has been on the beach she ate the sand...and kept eating it like it tasted good. I mean, she even made that "Mmmmm" sound like it was chocolate or something. Weirdo. She was more excited about the waves this time than the sand, thank goodness. Anyway, it was so much fun getting to hang out with the fam, especially Josh since we have never really gotten to know each other. The guys played golf most days, and the girls played at the beach most days (with very minimal tar ball sightings). I even dragged Kev & H to the zoo one day. It was a really great & much needed vaca. Thanks for inviting us, guys!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The old, abandoned blog.

After numerous complaints from my fans, I am back to the blogging world. I am not going to give you my usual apologies for being absent. It is what it is. Let's call it a sabbatical. Look it up--it usually lasts a year, so consider yourself lucky! I kid. This will be good for let's get on with it.
A lot has happened and changed around the Smifft household since I last spoke with you in December. It was a lot colder then, according to my last entry. And we also had a kid that would stay in one spot when you put her there. Even better, she would be there when we got back. Ahh, the good old days! Since then Helen has gotten her sea legs, and she has gone for a lot of ways. She can't be stopped, and she is starting to run from us when we try to do just that. Her hobbies these days are throwing things, climbing into the fireplace and laughing at us when we tell her to get down, running after Bob D (who is deathly afraid of her), and eating lots of peas (she's obsessed).
She has a few words that she likes now. "Hey!" is still her all-time favorite. Like a true Southern belle, she stretches it out to as many syllables as possible. I'm blaming that on my husband, Boomhauer. She also likes "Uh-oh", and she says it everytime she throws something (see aforementioned hobbies).
As far as how Kevin & I have been...wait, you don't care about us!
Here's what H has been up to for the last 8 months. (I should be ashamed, you're right.)
Waving bye-bye to the blog - January 2010
First Teef - February 2010
Back when she still kinda just sat there - March 2010
Bunny - April 2010
1st B-day Party (Enter, Mullet.) - May 2010
Pokin' it out - July 2010
With Daddy @ Zoo - July 2010

Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside!

I can't believe that December is already here in full force. It has been freezing here lately, and Natchez is predicted to get 3 inches of snow tonight. Now I know how weather predictions go, but the fact that we're under a Winter Storm Watch is uncommon.
I swore that when I left Boston I never wanted to see snow again. It was fun for about the first year or two, then it continually got old. I can probably attribute that to the fact that my snow got shoveled for me the first few years. Shovelling snow--and I mean real snow, feet of snow, can't open the front door of the house snow--is not fun (unless you don't have to be anywhere anytime soon and you can enjoy a few toddy's with your pals in the midst). Makes it seem not so cold, and you don't even realize you're breaking your back.
I thank God for the deep South. I will sleep soundly tonight knowing that our 3 inches will probably melt before I open my eyes tomorrow morning!
Anyway, let me stop yapping so you can look at pics of the most important member of our family. Here's your favorite lady:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, Momma!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009


So, last week my dear Uncle Kelly celebrated his birthday. If you don't know Kel, you're missing out. He is very cool & very real. He's one of those guys you just want to hang out with. Ben & I are so lucky to have grown up with him & Sue a few doors down from us.
Anywho, you remember a few weeks ago when Dotti had a b-day, and I outed her for being a former Soul Train dancer?? Low & behold, old Kel also had some good times on the Soul Train, himself. Hell, after watching his moves in this video, let's just call him the Conductor.
Hope you had a bitchin' birthday, Kelly! We love you!

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Hey, how come you never wear that red tank top anymore??

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I have a 7 month old.

Wow. Time really flies. Helen will be 7 months next week, and it really seems unbelievable. Girl is almost crawling, and definitely getting into everything. If she knows she is not supposed to have something, she nose-dives for it. And puts it in her mouth. Kevin & I are having a lot of fun with her, but I can tell we are going to be pretty busy when she really starts to crawl...and I don't even want to think about her walking. She is a very determined baby. So, here are some pics of our big girl. She is now over 18 lbs & about 26 inches.